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Let’s Talk about You

It all started with an idea. You get them all the time and they usually just go away.

But not this time. This idea was different. Bigger. Scarier. And it wouldn’t leave you alone. Because this wasn’t just any idea. It was your calling. You knew that you couldn’t just keep with the status quo. This idea wasn’t just in your head it was in your heart. You put your hopes, your time, your frustration, and sometimes your tears into building it. Because it was worth it.

You hustled for your business. You know it inside and out because you built it with your own hands. But now you’re getting that feeling again. It’s time for a shake-up. It’s time to get a little bit bigger. But getting bigger takes time. Time which you don’t have. Because you’re busy running your business!

At this point you need help. But not just anybody can do this job. You want someone that is going to put the same heart and passion into your business that you do. Someone you can trust. Not just to do a list of tasks but to push your business further.

That’s Where I Come n

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Social Media Strategy

Tell Your Story
Let me help you automate your social media presence so it tells your story and attracts genuine engagement---without taking over your life.

Administrative Services

Reclaim Your Time
Scheduling, invoicing, emails and inquiries. These are but a few of those little things that seem to take up all your time. I can help you get it back.

Content Creation

Copy That Converts
Anything from blog posts, to email newsletters or sales funnels. I can create content that jumps off the page and leads to sales.

Why Should You Hire Me?

Organization is in my bones. While other kids were building with blocks, I was creating inventories of my Lego’s. Color-coded. By size. (I’m not kidding.)

What I do best is breaking down big ideas into manageable pieces. I start with your vision and create streamlined processes for execution that can be reproduced over and over again saving you time and money.

I have a Bachelors of Arts in literature which is essentially a degree in doing research and writing papers as well as nearly 5 years of experience as an executive assistant.